Don’t take my word for it, check out these client reviews

Jacqueline is amazing! I tend to get allergic reactions to several types of makeup and cosmetic products, making it difficult for me to simply wear mascara. When I came to Jacqueline asking for help on how I can achieve curly and darker lashes, she recommended we try a lash lift and tint. I was skeptical, but the results have exceeded my expectations. The products Jacqueline uses have never caused me any allergic reactions (I have been a client since Aug 2019). Most importantly, Jacqueline never is pushing any kind of product on me and just listens and then offers solutions to help achieve my lash (and brow!) goals. I am so grateful for her expertise in the field and hope to be a client of hers until she retires!

— Iliana T.

I cannot tell you how impressed I was with my eyelash extensions. I recently moved from SF to PDX and researched a bunch of places. Prior to seeing Jacqueline, I tried a spot called Miss Knockout. I wasn’t impressed with the work that was done and decided to give Jacqueline a shot to redo my eyelashes.

Jacqueline Lee provided a phenomenal experience for me! Before we got started, I showed her photos of how I wanted my lashes to look like (more into volume lashes!). Jacqueline was understanding of what my expectations were. She provided excellent customer service and made me feel like a friend more than a customer!

I would highly recommend her! I felt so welcomed and enjoyed chatting with her while she did my lashes.

— Jessica M.

I am a late bloomer, per see, when it comes to “beauty stuff”, but Jacqueline Lee made me feel right at home. Unsure about lash extensions, Jacqueline first gave me a GORGEOUS set of classic lashes that I loved, but I quickly got used to them and wanted more volume. I have been going to Jacqueline for about three months now, and she consistently gives me a custom set of volume lashes that are TO DIE FOR! Everywhere I go around town, I always get compliments on her work, even after three weeks of wear! She is the only lash artist I will ever go to.

— Amy H.

I was very unsure about doing anything to my lashes as a guy. Jacqueline really helped educate me and my option to give lash lift a try. After getting them lifted for the very first time, I’ve already gone back 3 more times to continue lifting them and cannot explain how helpful it was to not have my lashes get in the way anymore. Jacqueline did an excellent job setting expectations. Give it a try gentlemen!

— Diego M.